Magnetic Levitating Bluetooth Speaker

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Infinity Orb levitating speaker is not only a unique designed levitating Bluetooth speaker, but also a beautiful piece of artwork. The Infinity Orb levitates in air at 1/2-inch height above its magnetic base. The base illuminates continuously with different colored LED lights. Play music up to eight hours at 70% volume. It is an awesome gadget, and a perfect gift for family and friends.

How do I levitate the orb?
1. Please place the base on an absolutely flat surface. If the surface is not Flat and horizontal, the speaker orb can’t levitate normally
2. Connect the power adapter to the base power port. 3. Turn on the speaker orb and pair with smart phone/tablet. 4. Hold the orb with your two hands and put your fingers under the orb to hold tight the orb, move the orb vertically downwards the center of the base. 5. Make the orb approach the center of the base slowly, and please move it towards left and right, or front and back to try to get the levitating point. 6. When you feel a strong force, which is holding the orb from the base, This position is the levitation place.

bluetooth: 4.0
wireless range: 10 meters
speaker: 3W x 1
battery: 500mah
playing time: more than 8 hours continuous (at 70% volume)
frequency range: 100Hz 18khz
distortion: THD

Package Contents
1x orb
1x base
1x USB cable
1x charger
1x user manual